The Advantages of Porcelain Dental Crowns

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Porcelain dental crowns look just like their stainless steel or gold counterparts, with one very important difference: They are the same color as your natural teeth. For this reason, porcelain dental crowns are becoming extremely popular around the world. Gregory L. Bryan, DDS offers custom-made porcelain dental crowns for their aesthetic appearance, comfort, and durability.

This tooth-colored material can be matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth, allowing it to blend right in with your smile and not stand out. The discreet nature of porcelain material allows Dr. Bryan to repair a damaged or weakened tooth without leaving your smile with the appearance of obvious dental work.

Porcelain material is a very moldable and versatile choice. It can easily be sculpted to match the shape and size of any tooth in your smile. The accuracy of a porcelain dental crown allows it to be worn for many years without feeling like a synthetic crown.

As dental materials go, porcelain is very durable and stain resistant, and as modern dentistry advances, it continues to improve inĀ strength and durability. Porcelain crowns stay looking healthy and polished for up to 15 years and should experience minimum wear during this time if they receive proper care every day. Overall, porcelain dental crowns are very cost effective.

Dr. Bryan proudly provides the option of porcelain dental crowns in Henderson, Nevada, and would be happy to further discuss with you its many advantages. Our dentist invites you to schedule a consultation with him for more information. Please feel free to give our office a call at 702-454-1980 today!