We Offer a Few Telltale Signs of Dental Filling Failure

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If you have one or more teeth that have suffered chips, cracks or even dental cavities, our team can provide dental fillings from composite or amalgam material to repair your smile. While dental fillings can’t be decayed, please remember that the surrounding the tooth enamel is still vulnerable, and if it develops a new cavity, the dental filling may fail. Dr. Bryan can offer a few telltale signs that your dental filling is failing and need treatment.

3 Signs That Your Dental Filling is Failing

  1. Dental fillings placed on the biting surface of teeth can generate sensations of sharp pain whenever you bite down on or chew with that tooth.
  2. If your filling was placed on a tooth within access of your tongue, you may feel an edge to the filling or a change in its texture when running your tongue along the filling.
  3. You may notice a change in the color of the tooth enamel, such as a light gray shade if bacteria has accumulated between the dental filling and the enamel. Bacteria buildup and subsequent tooth decay can also lead to additional symptoms including a heightened tooth sensitivity and toothache.

If you suspect your dental filling is beginning to fail, please do not hesitate to contact the dental practice of Gregory L. Bryan, DDS at 702-454-1980 today and schedule an appointment. We can help you protect the health of your smile and restore your filling with quality dental care in Henderson, Nevada.