Our dentist and team at the office of Gregory L. Bryan, DDS are committed to helping all patients achieve optimal oral health. We are a family-focused practice that wants everyone who walks into our office to immediately feel at home. You can count on us to treat you in a personable and friendly manner while ensuring that you receive the best dental care possible. We are also able to assist you in Spanish, Tagalog, and English. We invite you to get to know our dentist, and we look forward to getting to know you!

Gregory L. Bryan, DDS
Dr. Bryan earned his dental degree from University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in 1984, and he has been practicing in the Henderson, NV, area ever since. He is a member of the American Dental Association and has received advanced training in orthodontics, TMJ, and conscious sedation. Dr. Bryan also strives to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in the dental field by continuing his education every year. He greatly enjoys learning new concepts and techniques in dentistry, as well as bringing them to his practice. Dr. Bryan’s goal as a dentist is to provide his patients with high-quality, ethical, and affordable dental care.




Darlene – Office Manager
Meet Darlene, the esteemed office manager of our dental practice. Having been an integral part of our team since 2013, Darlene’s diligent work has been central to our success and continuity. Her educational journey, dedicated principally to administration, has endowed her with the necessary skills to keep our practice running smoothly.

What makes Darlene truly shine is her love for the practice, attributing her enthusiasm to our wonderful patients and highly professional team. The workplace camaraderie and cheerful ambiance, she says, are what make it a joy for her to come in every day. She plays a crucial role in fostering this individualized and comforting environment, ensuring that our practice is a welcoming haven for all our patients.

Beyond the office, Darlene’s interests are not only limited to fortifying our practice’s success. She loves to explore new places and cultures, with travel being one of her cherished hobbies. As an ardent reader, she continually quenches her thirst for knowledge. Yet, her most treasured moments are those spent enjoying quality time with her family and friends, adding balance to her life. Sophisticated, devoted, and personable, Darlene remains a valuable addition to our team, consistently contributing to our standing as a leading dental practice.


Belen – Front Office Assitant
Introducing Belen Aguirre, a dedicated Front Office Assistant who has been a crucial member of our practice since July 2021. Her educational background is impressive as she earned her Associate of Arts degree in 2017. This provides her with a firm foundation in handling administrative tasks the front office throws at her. But it’s not just her academic accomplishments that make her an essential part of the team.

Belen makes a daily significant contribution to the success of the practice, primarily through her ability to provide comprehensive information about dental insurance to patients. She’s able to simplify complex insurance terms, ensuring patients fully understand their benefits and coverage. This crucial duty not only supports our office’s smooth operation but also ensures our patients feel well-informed and comfortable, enhancing their overall experience. When she’s not working, Belen enjoys spending her spare time whipping up a variety of delicious meals, showcasing her love for cooking. We’re confident that Belen’s skills are a vital asset to the team, and her passion for patient care reflects our practice’s overall commitment to exceptional service.


Valerie – Dental Assitant
Valerie Hernandez stands as an integral pillar at our dental practice, serving meticulously as a Dental Assistant since May 8th, 2023. The cornerstone of her professional competence springs from her robust training at Northwest Career College, equipping her with vast knowledge and skills in the field of dentistry. What kindles a spark in Valerie about her role in the practice is the enriching opportunities to learn, witness, and partake in assorted exciting experiences every day.

Her keen interest and dedication, in equal measure, have made her an instrumental part of the team, contributing significantly to the successful continuum of the practice. The cornerstone of her patient care philosophy is rooted in answering all the queries raised by them to the best of her abilities, helping them navigate their dental journey more comfortably. Outside the professional realm, Valerie is a proud pet parent to her darling puppy, which she considers her best buddy. Her free time sees her dabbling in makeup artistry and enjoying an energizing volleyball game. Valerie also holds a special space in her heart for horse-riding and farm animals. Known for her outgoing and friendly nature, she thrives on forming new connections and getting to know new personalities.


Shaunda – Dental Assitant
Shaunda Taylor, an esteemed member of our dental practice who took up her role as a Dental Assistant in February 2023. Grounded in over eight years of professional experience, Shaunda has consistently strived to facilitate efficient health care and superior dental treatments for our diverse patient base. Her unwavering commitment to learning and self-improvement plays a significant role in enhancing our practice’s reputation and patient satisfaction.

One of her many strengths is her embodiment of team spirit. She firmly believes in the power of synergy, and her daily interactions are characterized by reciprocal support and shared knowledge. Working under the tutelage of the highly respected Dr. Bryan, she notes that his vast knowledge has presented countless learning opportunities, significantly enhancing her professional growth and her ability to cater to our patients’ needs effectively. Additionally, her work ethos, driven by personal responsibility and dedication, ensures that tasks are competently discharged, contributing massively to our practice’s smooth operation and success.

Shaunda’s journey in dentistry extends beyond office hours. She is persistent in her quest for knowledge and skills that can enhance the patient experience and treatment outcomes. This unending quest for professional enhancement alongside her natural affinity for team collaboration makes her a priceless asset to our dental practice.


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