The Right Time for Braces

Who doesn’t want a spectacular, award-winning smile? A great smile does wonders for self-esteem, improving your performance in both your professional and personal life. But do you know when is the right to get braces? The right time for braces varies from person to person, but there are a few... Read more »

Knowledge Foundation: Toothaches

Effective oral health care includes making sure that any toothaches you may have are treated accordingly. If you routinely suffer from a toothache, it could be the sign of underlying conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, poor oral hygiene, and oral accident or injury or several other risk factors... Read more »

Laughing and Learning About Nitrous Oxide

Found around the same time that our founding fathers broke from England in 1776, nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) was a happy discovery for doctors and dentists alike--especially since they were one and the same at the time. Laughing gas has become one of the most trusted, utilized, and safest... Read more »

When to Make an Impromptu Dental Visit

If you awake late at night with a throbbing sensation in your tooth, or if you suffered a fall or accident results in a lost or broken tooth, then we encourage you to make a visit to the dentist for a dental exam. However, a dental care emergency is not... Read more »

A Denture Needs Daily Care and Maintenance

Our dentist, Dr. Gregory L. Bryan specializes in permanent and removable dental restorations. This sometimes includes providing his patients with a complete or partial denture to replicate the basic appearance and function of missing teeth. While these removable dental appliances will not be vulnerable to tooth decay, a denture still... Read more »

Never Give Up on Interdental Cleaners

If you're looking to improve your oral health care treatments through the use of an interdental cleaning tool, it is important to determine the differences between each type. Although most forms of interdental tools are effective for cleaning between teeth, choosing which one will be best for you often depends... Read more »

Saving Your Smile with Orthodontic Treatments

When you are ready to enhance your smile with an orthodontic aligner system, visit your orthodontist. Orthodontists are highly trained to improve errors with malocclusions and misalignment in your smile too and show your teeth can be straighter for a lifetime's worth of happiness. With straighter teeth, you will be... Read more »

How to Achieve the Smile of Your Dreams This Year

If you’re interested in achieving the smile of your dreams this year, then our dentist, Dr. Gregory L. Bryan, is happy to help you do so! There are many things you can do to achieve the strong and healthy teeth and gums you deserve. Some of those things are: -Treat... Read more »

Whitening Strips Use a Topical Form of Hydrogen Peroxide to Help Maintain a Professionally Whitened Smile

As microscopic dark particles from dark beverages and tobacco use start to permeate your tooth enamel, they can prove exceedingly difficult to remove with retail tooth whitening products. Excessive use of some of these products could also cause harm to your teeth or gums. In a situation like this, the... Read more »

Dental Questions Answered on Dental Anxiety Treatments

  To keep your smile out of danger, you will need to make sure that you're cleaning your teeth and gums on a daily basis and visiting your dentist for routine exams and oral health care checkups. Unfortunately, many individuals suffer from stresses and concerns about receiving any oral health... Read more »