If you have gum disease, pockets of bacteria will develop around your teeth, allowing the disease to thrive. When this happens, our dentist can perform flap surgery, also known as pocket reduction, to remove the tartar from these pockets and reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. Please contact the office of Gregory L. Bryan, DDS at 702-454-1980 to learn more about flap surgery in Henderson, Nevada, and to request your appointment.

Your bone and gum tissue should fit securely around your teeth. With periodontal (gum) disease, however, this supporting bone and tissue is destroyed, creating pockets around the teeth that worsen over time and give the bacteria more room to thrive. As the bacteria grow and advance beneath the gum line, additional bone and tissue loss occurs. If too much bone is lost, the teeth will either fall out or require extraction.

Flap surgery is often performed if daily, at-home oral hygiene and routine professional gum care cannot effectively reach and treat the deep-pocket bacteria. During flap surgery, our dentist will lift the gums back from your teeth to remove the tartar. The gums will then be sutured back into place so that the tissue fits securely around the teeth again. In certain instances, uneven surfaces of your damaged bone will be smoothed to help reduce the areas where disease-causing bacteria can hide, allowing the gum tissue to better reattach to healthy bone.

For more information about flap surgery, and to schedule your appointment with our talented dentist, contact our office today!

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