When to Make an Impromptu Dental Visit

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If you awake late at night with a throbbing sensation in your tooth, or if you suffered a fall or accident results in a lost or broken tooth, then we encourage you to make a visit to the dentist for a dental exam. However, a dental care emergency is not the only time that a dental visit should be made. We encourage you to schedule regular dental appointments to keep your mouth healthy and prevent minor problems from turning into oral emergencies later.

Ideally, you should schedule visits with the dentist every six months so that our dental team can clean your teeth and examine your mouth and oral tissues for any signs of tooth decay, periodontal issues, enamel erosion and oral cancer. However, your dentist may determine that every six months is not enough and you should see our office more frequently to keep your oral health secure.

If you have noticed that the color or texture of your teeth or any other area of your mouth has changed, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible. Gums that bleed when you brush or use dental floss, or the development of a bad odor or taste in the mouth should also warrant trip to the dentist. Any shifting of your teeth out of their proper alignment or other changes in your bite should be reported to your dentist. If you have received a diagnosis of an illness, disease or medical condition, or have begun taking a new prescription or had your prescription altered, it’s time to have a chat with our dentist.

We urge you to not wait until you are struggling with a dental problem or emergency to call our office at 702-454-1980. If you are due for a routine dental appointment in Henderson, Nevada, or you are looking for a reliable dentist, we invite you to contact us today for a visit with Dr. Gregory L. Bryan!